Without adequate funding few media projects become reality. Those who are independent producers know well that finding capital resources are critical if project goals are to be accomplished. How can one locate available funding is a question I've often heard. Money is available but it takes time and energy to secure it. This section is an initial effort to identify online resources to support student and professional projects. I hope this listing proves of value to anyone looking for funding resources.

A good beginning article on funding is Why Fund Media? This online document outlines the relationship between applicant and funding agency and suggests ways that this relationship be viewed by both. A companion article For Mediamakers, provides tips for assuring that your project is considered by a funding agency. If you are thinking about owning your own media shp know that there is money available - but difficult to obtain. The article, Multimedia and Venture Capital presents an overview of some of the bigger fish and how venture capital got them started. It provides food for thought.

The library staff at Michigan State University has created an excellent data base of scholarships, grants, and other funding. This is an all-in-one database of links to funding resources on line. Here is a listing of sources I think are of particular value to Proscenia Newsletter readers:

Grants for Individuals:

In the Northwest the Oregon Arts Commission provides grant funding opportunities to support the Arts in the state of Oregon through programs which provide funding opportunities which include general operating support, project-specific support, and support for artist's professional endeavors. Funding is primarily provided by the state of Oregon and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Another Northwest resource is the Creative Currency web site that provides a listing of grants, fellowships, awards, and scholarships in the arts. A special section is deveoted to Seattle area resrouces. for Grants,

I have always found the Creative Capitol is a unique national nonprofit organization that supports artists pursuing innovative approaches to form and content in the media, performing, and visual arts, and in emerging fields. This organization is committed to working in partnership with artists. Funded artists agree to share a small percentage of any profits generated by their projects with Creative Capital, which applies these funds toward new grants.

The Oregon Film and Video Office is an excellent resource of information about film and video production in the state. I also list a number of active funding resources of value to the independent media producer. Here is a current list from the Oregon Film and Video Office.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a major source of funding for innovative, educational and informational public television programming. Documentary programs and series like Africa: Land of the Sun and Accordion Dreams, children's series like Arthur and Dragon Tales, and Web sites for programs like People Like Us: Class in America and Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey, to name just a few from this season's PBS National Program Service, all received CPB production funding. CPB is always interested in reviewing proposals for high impact, prime-time programming projects that help viewers better understand the complex and volatile world we liv

National Edowment for the Humanities is an independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities

Solaris Entertainment has created a finishing fund arm designed to support fellow indie filmmakers who seek the financial and technical resources necessary to complete their films. SOLARIS Completion Partners will provide the capital to complete post-production on three to five independent features each year.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sponsors grants and fellowships to encourage developing filmmakers. The Nichols Fellowships in Screenwriting and Student Academy Awards are two such opportunities.

The Oppenheimer Camera New Filmmaker Equipment Grant Program is a grant to support new filmmakers in producing their first serious film project. The grant awards the use of our Grant Program Arriflex 16SR camera package to senior and graduate thesis students and to independent filmmakers for a scheduled period of time. This specific package, which we have set aside for the grant program, should meet the needs of most 16mm projects. Proposed projects may be of any non-commercial nature: dramatic, narrative, documentary, experimental, etc. Our expectation is that you are working from your own vision, your own creativity and not for someone else (solely for a profit motive). The program does not support commercials, industrials, PSA's, music videos, or pornography. In order to keep the package available for the largest number of filmmakers, feature length film projects are discouraged. The length of time the equipment will be available to any one project will depend on each project and on the pressures of the program. You should realistically plan your schedule. Practically, most grant projects will be expected to use the package for one to two weeks. We have only one Arri 16SR camera in the program; your compliance with the program requirements assures access for the most filmmakers

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation. The College Television Awards is a major Academy competition which recognizes excellence in college student film/video productions. It is national in scope, accepting entries each year from scores of colleges and universities. The entire program, including $24,500 in cash prizes, is sponsored by the Academy Foundation. First place winners receive $2,000, second place winners receive $1,000, and third place winners receive $500.

Chesterfield Field Company Writer's Film Project . The Writer«s Film Project, based at Paramount Pictures, is one of the most prestigious screenwriting fellowships in the United States. The program was originated with the support of Steven SpielbergÕs Amblin Entertainment.

University Film and Video Association (UFVA) The UFVA/UFVF Carole Fielding Student Grants are competitive awards presented annually to students whose research and production projects meet rigorous standards of academic scholarship. Up to $4,000 is available for film, video, or multimedia production and up to $1,000 is available for research projects in historical, critical, theoretical or experimental studies of film or video.

Pacific Piioneer Fund offers support to emerging documentary filmmakers in CA, OR, WA. From $1,000-10,000. Info: Pacific Pioneer Fund, PO Box 20504, Stanford, CA 94309

Soros Documentary Fund supports international documentary films & video on current social & justice issues. Seed production and post production funds available. Contact: Director of Soros Documentary Fund, Open Society Institute, 400 W. 59th, NY, NY 10019.