We all enjoy cartoons. But few give thought to the medium of the cartoon as a unique graphic form of communication. The cartoon is unique in that at its best it has no cultural or language barriers to overcome. It can be used as a humorous and peaceful, yet powerful tool. Obviously it is a well-recognized and appreciated art form for youth worldwide. It can be used to educate, entertain and influence.

Any professional graphic designer, animator, cartoonist, painter, game designer, or illustrator who dares to draw funny witty cartoons that can be internationally understood is encouraged to participate and join the Federation of Cartoonist Organizations (FECO) and one of its many affiliates.

Many individuals in the field of comic and cartoon design belong to FECO. This organization was formed in 1984, when cartoonists from Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Macedonia and Croatia approved the constitution and became the founder members of the organization.

FECO now publishes FECONEWS Magazine twice a year; FECONEWS Bulletin every two months by e-mail and has a website with a comprehensive contests list. In October 2002 FECO held it's first international conference at St. Just, France. FECO is a non-political organization devoted to bringing together professional cartoonists from around the world in friendship and to promote the art of cartoons and their creators. It has as its motto 'Drawing the World together'

The current member countries are:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia. FECO is expecting Canada, Iran and Switzerland to join in 2003.

Based on correspondence by: Paul Hardman, FECO Liaison Officer.