I'm always looking for different career options in multimedia. The task of infographics specialist recently caught my attention. It is a specialized area that may appeal to those who are interested in taking complex ideas and making them easily understood through illustration and graphic design.

We've all been fascinated with publications that are well illustrated with charts, diagrams,and cut away drawings. Such illustrations show graphic details of how things work, the interrelationship of parts, or make complex ideas easy to understand as visual information. And now animated graphics for film, television, multimedia, and the web are a growing sub-specialization that combines information and graphic design. A specialist in Infographics helps communicate knowledge and understanding through the use of textbook illustrations, media diagrams, medical illustrations, animation, and other presentation visuals. The goal of infographics is to educate and inform audiences.

Here are some links to Infographic sites that provide insight into this unique specialization.

Air Force Link. A site devoted to things air force in nature including some excellent examples of military infographics.

Birkey.com examples of charts, graphs, diagrams, and informational graphics for publishing, textbooks, articles, books, magazines, presentations and many other applications.

Understanding USA A promotional site for Richard Saul Wurman's work devoted to informational graphics about the USA. Wurman wrote Information Anxiety 2, an excellent reference on information overload.

Bonzai Graphics. Provides three archive volumes of infographics which give you a good overview of the medium.