It is sometimes of benefit to be able to listen to others in a given field talk about how they became professionals, their work, and what they would look for if hiring new people. This article provides links to collections of interviews in a number of areas, from game board designers, to children's book illustrators, many with wise words for those thinking about entering media design.

Interviews with Board Game Designers. Board and card game designers are not household names. But they deserve credit for creating some of the best entertainment available today. In these interviews, various board game designers talk about their craft. Included are Randy Horn, AlanR. Moon, Richard Borg, richard Breese, Frank DiLorenzo, and James Ernest.

Interviews with Film Directors. Listen to these BBC audio interviews of many different directors from Robert Altman to Steven spielberg.

Interviews with Web Developers. Interviews with designers employed in the Web Development industry including MJ Caswell, Satoko Mellinger, Andrew Bond, Diane Lerma, Diana Telford , Kelli Wheat, and April Sobetzki.

Interviews with Photographers. interviews three photographers who are each working in a different field of photography.

  • Elsa Dorfman, portrait photographer in Cambridge, MA
  • David Julian, pictorial photographer in Seattle, WA
  • Ellis Vener, commercial photographer

Interviews with Portrait Photographers. The British National Portrait Gallery has commission a series of audio interviews with photographers whoes work is represented within the Museum's collection. Included are: Johnnie Shand Kydd, Jillian Edelstein, Jill Furmanovsky, Tom Miller, and Bryan Wharton.

Interviews with Children's Book Illustrators. This site provides 34 video interviews with top children's book authors and illustrators. Discover theunique differences and processes used by the creators of books for children and youth.

Interviews with Illustrators:

  • Brian Pelletier: Working for A Computer Game Company
  • Myles Pinkney: Fantasy Illustrator
  • Judi DeSouter: Art Buyer
  • Larry Elmore: Fantasy Illustrator
  • Tony Diterlizzi: Fantasy and Children's Illustrator
  • Diane Stanley: Children's Author and Illustrator