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I moved away from static HTML pages some years ago and discovered the pain and pleasure of using a Content Management System (CMS). Hmm. Maybe I should rephrase the previous sentence so "pleasure" is before "pain".  It's true that there is a learning curve to any CMS, but it's well worth the climb.

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Costs below reflect 2009 reviews of video production rates found online for the Eugene and Portland area.

General multimedia production costs can be found here.

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A Little History

I embraced the digital revolution pretty much at the time of its birth. The actual birth date of the digital revolution may be disputable, but from my perspective it happened when computers were affordable enough to be purchased by the average consumer, and powerful enough to be useful at home or work.

My first computer was a Commodore 64, which at the time was probably the best computer that could be purchased for $250 or less. Of course I loved to play games with it, but I was especially enamored with its potential to allow me new possibilities of creative expression. The first digital muse I indulged was using my personal computer for writing. I tried several word processors, but fell in love with Paperclip, by Batteries Included. With Paperclip I wrote papers for college classes, wrote letters, fiction, and a screenplay. The latter pushed the limits of practicality, as I needed several 177 KB 5.25″ floppy disks to store the 120+ page screenplay, but the idea of a cursor and no whiteout was just too appealing to go back to a clunky, unruly typewriter, so I was definitely hooked.

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This is an example of a multimedia design document describing a simple interactive slideshow program about waterfalls. A mockup is a great way to work out the details of a project before it is produced. In the images below, each screen is displayed similarly to the layout the actual functional program might have.


This program should run efficiently in a web browser as a Shockwave or Flash movie. The navigation scheme should be easy to use, and the overall dimensions of the program should not exceed 640 x 480, or 800 x 600 pixels.

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