The Top 211 Star Wars lines improved by replacing a word with "pants"

Very funny. These are the top 25, but if you are itching to laugh your "pants" off, click HERE for the entire list. (Thanks to Shane Ross for the link).
1 - I find your lack of pants disturbing.
2 - You are unwise to lower your pants.
3 - The Force is strong in my pants.
4 - Chewie and me got into a lot of pants more heavily guarded than this.
5 - I cannot teach him. The boy has no pants.

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The top 10 unintentionally worst company URLs

Attention entrepreneurs - everyone knows that if you are going to operate a business in today's world you need a domain name. It is advisable to look at the domain name selected as other see it and not just as you think it looks.

Failure to do this may result in situations such as the following (legitimate) companies who deal in everyday humdrum products and services but  clearly didn't give their domain names enough consideration.

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