Behaviors are one of the best features of Adobe Director. Using one or more behaviors you can quickly bring an idea to life and easily update or modify the way a Director movie functions or operates. A behavior is a Lingo script that is designed to be easily applied to the sprites and frames in a movie. Once a behavior is written, it can be attached to objects in a movie by dragging and dropping the behavior onto a sprite or frame script channel. Director comes with dozens of pre-built behaviors, but in this lesson we'll build a custom behavior from scratch.

film-iconDescribes a simple method for creating an interesting animated pattern with Adobe Director.

film-iconThis video describes the Message Window in Adobe Director, and some ways it can be used to help develop a movie.

This article describes two of the most common methods used to create basic animation effects in Adobe Director and may be helpful if you are just beginning to explore some of Director's advanced animation capabilities, or if you are starting to make use of Lingo scripts in your movies.

This tutorial describes the steps necessary to get an online QuickTime movie to play within a Shockwave Adobe Director movie. The process is easy, but it is not well-documented or intuitive.

Follow the steps below to play streaming, or linked online QuickTime movies within Adobe Director.