Even a basic Joomla site can benefit by incorporating the "Web Links" core component. In case you didn't know, the "Web Links" component is designed to display categorized web links of internal or external content for your site. With the Web Links component you can create any number of web link categories, as well as any number of links within each category, to enrich your site's content.

Site goodies such as web link listings, file downloads, photo galleries, and other media resources make your site more interesting and appealing to the masses, which increases the likelihood that a visitor will return to your site. More traffic and activity on your site, as well as residual cross-linking from other sites, is more likely to improve your search engine rankings and in-turn augment your web presence.

As I was working on my site the other day I noticed that my web links had a description at the top that wasn't what I wanted. At the top of my web links it said: "We are regularly out on the Web. When we find a great site we list it."


This text is fine for many situations, but I wanted to change it, or get rid of it. The problem was figuring out how to do it. As with most things Joomla, it is not at all hard to hide or get rid of the descriptive text for the web links, if you know where to go.

Step 1 - From the administrative back-end, go to the "Menus" menu and click the menu item that corresponds to where your "Web Links" item appears.

Menus Listing

Step 2 - In the case of my site "Web Links" appears in "mainmenu". Once there you can verify that the menu item is connected to a "Web Links" category of some sort by checking the type of resource connected to the menu item. It should look something like this, on the right side of the listing.

Web Links Menu Item

Step 3 -  Click the menu item in the editor so you can alter its parameters and settings, then look for the 'Parameters (Component)' item near the upper right part of the screen. By default it will be set to "Use Global". With this setting it displays the "We are regularly out on the Web. When we find a great site we list it" text. If you don't want the default text you can either "hide" it, or use your own.

Parameters Component

Step 4 - You may decide that you don't want any description text to appear above your "Web Links" listing. If this is the case, choose the "Hide" option.

Hide Description Setting

Step 5 - If you want a custom description choose the "Show" option and type whatever you want in the "Web Links Introduction" text field.

Custom Description

When you're finished, make sure to save the changes, and you're done.