This is a description of how I was able to convert over 200 Commodore 64 1541 floppy disks to a number of .D64 archive files, readable with any of the modern C64 emulators.

In case you don't already know, a D64 file is a bit-for-bit copy of the entire contents of a Commodore 1541 5.25" floppy disk, saved as a single .D64 archive. In the early 1980s I had invested a considerable number of hours of my life creating various files on my Commodore 64 computer, including programs, music, stories, and even a screenplay. I decided that I wanted my old computer work to be archived before it was gone forever, so I resurrected the files from their 8-bit tomb. After some painful days, and a bit (byte?) or two of blood, sweat, and solder, I can once again work with my ancient C64 files.

TextWrangler is an excellent and free text editing application for OS X. Common text editing "sanitation" issues include removing blank lines and HTML tags from a text document. Two simple methods to sanitize text are described below.

Removing Blank Lines:

To remove blank lines from a text file in TextWrangler, you have to run Search and Replace, tick the ‘Use Grep’ option and then search on the pattern ^\r. Replace with nothing and the effect is like magic.

This article is an overview of how to use Blender's powerful Video Sequence Editor (VSE).


FLAC is the Free Lossless Audio Codec that allows lossless compression of audio files. "Lossless" means that the original file can be made smaller with compression algorithms, then expanded to its original size and format, with no loss of quality. This makes FLAC an ideal format for archiving audio. Additionally, FLAC is free, non-proprietary, open source, and runs on all major operating systems.