film-iconThis 1080p video tutorial shows you how to add a texture map to a plane and display it so it looks good, while still having the capabilities of the 3-D Blender environment. This tutorial is suitable for beginners, or for anyone wanting to learn the new workflow for basic texture mapping from earlier versions of Blender.

This tutorial describes how to use the Video Sequence Editor (VSE) in Blender to build an animated alpha image sequence that reveals different parts of an underlying static image. The end result of the video track layering will look like the image below.


This tutorial assumes you are a Blender beginner and includes detailed steps that describe how to add a texture to a mesh and render it so it looks as much like the original image as possible.

Note: The screenshots and descriptions were based on version 2.49 of Blender. The workflow is different for more recent releases of Blender.

01) Start Blender.

02) Hit the Delete key on your keyboard (the key below Insert) to remove the default cube object in the scene. Alternatively, you may hit the X key on your keyboard.