The goal of this exercise is for you to learn more about Director's integrated and online Help System. The Help System in Director is well-designed, and an easy to use resource for learning both beginning and advanced details concerning the use of Director and Lingo.


Go to the Help menu in Director and choose the Director Help menu item.

Explore the Index of the help system and look at at least 3 topics that interest you within each of the following sections:

Getting Started with Director
Using Director
Director Scripting Reference

Write down the title of each section you explore so you can submit that when you complete the exercise.

Familiarize yourself with the Search capability of the Help System and try accessing some of the hyperlinks available within certain topics. One topic to explore this way is "Controlling transitions with Lingo." If you search for that string you will find hyperlinks that connect to other transition-related topics. The journey should prove informative.

Make sure you spend at least 15-30 minutes with the Help System to familiarize yourself with how it is structured, and how you can use it to facilitate the completion of your work.

You should find that the Director Help System is easy to use and navigate, and can be very helpful when you're trying to find specific details about Lingo, or how to find general information about how to operate the Director interface.

Adobe also has an online Help System for Director that is worth exploring. Go to:


and explore the following sections:

Getting Started
Score, Stage, and Cast

The above sections provide a good overview of some of Director's essential interface features and will help you understand the process for organizing and creating movies.

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