“The Cube” is a short story told with multimedia. In this story a man discovers a cave in the wilderness that leads him on a strange but fascinating journey. This was an experiment in digital storytelling where media elements are used to enhance a basic story told in real-time.  
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Download a standalone version of "The Cube" for Windows or Macintosh OS X.

Note: Once the story window opens you will need to click the title screen for the story to proceed.

The “English Open Word List” (EOWL) was developed by Ken Loge, but is almost entirely derived from the “UK Advanced Cryptics Dictionary” (UKACD) Version 1.6, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The original copyright document for the UKACD can be found here.

As a developer of word games or spelling checkers you may find few public domain word lists available that are well-maintained and thorough. The “UK Advanced Cryptics Dictionary” is an excellent and comprehensive word list, but it isn’t particularly well-suited for certain Scrabble™ style computer word games. I created the EOWL for this purpose.

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Loggle is a fast-paced word game based on the popular Boggle™ letter dice game. Loggle was written by Ken Loge, and is currently available as an Adobe Shockwave browser applet, and as a standalone application for the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Loggle User Manual       Download Loggle

Loggle Game Screen