folder Free Software and Utilities

A variety of software utilites to assist with debugging and media production work.


archive eDVR STJ to AVI Video Converter


 The eDVR is a unique gadget that is essentially a flash drive with an integrated camera, microphone, and battery. The eDVR is no longer manufactured, but anyone who owns one will benefit by reading this review by "Dan's Data."


Included in the Dan's Data review is a link to a handy video converter utlity that transcodes MP4 video from the eDVR and turns it into a QuickTime compatible AVI file. The "STJ to AVI" converter is Windows-only, but essential if you have an eDVR and you want to convert its movies to a more standard video format.

document Get Windows Hardware Information


Download (txt, 1 KB)


This is a batch script that creates a text file that shows detailed hardware information about a Windows computer. This batch script is useful for a variety of purposes, but I wrote it to facilitate debugging. The script should work with Windows 2000 and newer, including Windows XP.

To use the utility rename the file so it has a .bat file extension, then double-click it. A DOS window will open and tell you that it is gathering hardware information. It may take a while for the information to be collected. The data it gathers will be saved to a text file, and the script will open the file in Notepad so you can view it.

archive MSCOMCTL.OCX ActiveX Component


This ActiveX component is required to run the Windows FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) frontend. If the FLAC frontend won't run you may need to download and install it.

This article explains how to install the component.

archive MSI Engine Installer - ISScript8


This is the foundation install engine for the Microsoft Installer that allows .MSI files to be installed on a Windows computer. For some reason this is not included with certain Windows distributions (like Windows XP), and it has to be located and downlaoded online, which turns out to be less than easy.

This file is virus-free (i.e., it has been checked), and is necessary for installing applications that use the standard MSI installer, such as Autodesk Maya, and many others. It has been tested on Windows XP, but may also work with Windows Vista.

archive NetOffice v2.6.0b2


Download (zip, 1.47 MB)

NetOffice is a free web based project-management environment written in PHP and MySQL. NetOffice allows managing and sharing information about teams, projects, tasks, deadlines and much more. Its intuitive interface makes it a fast and optimal solution for small to medium sized companies or organizations.

Though NetOffice has not been updated for a while, it is worth consideration. I have made it available here because it is getting hard to locate a download source for it online.

document NSIS Game Install Example


Download (txt, 1 KB)


This is a handy script for NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) that supports a custom icon file, and installs a desktop shortcut to a customizable location. It also includes the use of a "define" so a version string can be changed in one place, but be used throughout the script. I wrote this for a game installer, but it can be altered to suit a variety of purposes.

pdf Useful Windows Logo Key Shortcuts


Download (pdf, 33 KB)


This is a PDF document listing various Windows Logo Key shortcuts. Depending on the version of Windows you are using, some of the shortcuts may not work, but all of them appear to work with Windows 7.

document Wrapper for Handbrake


Download (txt, 1 KB)


This is a shell script for *nix operating systems that sets parameters for Handbrake, a free, open source front-end to FFMPEG, an excellent video encoding and decoding library. (Obviously, you will need to have Handbrake installed for this to work.)

The shell script is a nice alternative to Handbrake's GUI, and makes it easy to see some of the available parameters for encoding video. This script is optimized for iPod video encoding, and is faster to run than booting Handbrake and clicking all needed settings with a mouse.