folder Downloads

folder Director Movies

Adobe Director Movie files. Compatible with version MX 2004 and later.

folder Director Behaviors

Adobe Director behaviors as plain text, so they can be easily copied. Examples of Adobe Director movies that incorporate these behaviors can be found in the Director Movies category.

folder Audio

Various audio productions, including voiceover samples, music, and sound effects.

folder Flash Movies

Flash movies, movie clips, artwork, buttons, and other media elements that may be used directly in Flash movies.

folder Word Games and Wordsmith Utilities

Fun and free word games and utilities for solving anagrams, looking up valid words, and word game optimized word lists, developed by Ken Loge.

folder Experimental Media

Media that are experimental in nature, or do not fall into a traditional category.

folder eBooks

Electronic books & documents.

folder Free Software and Utilities

A variety of software utilites to assist with debugging and media production work.

folder AppleScript

Various AppleScript code examples.

folder Wired QuickTime Movies

Wired QuickTime movies have smarts, and can be given the ability to process input from a mouse, the keyboard, or other QuickTime movies. The wired QuickTime movies examples on Dreamsteep were written using LiveStage Professional.

folder PalmOS Software

Free PalmOS software written by Ken Loge.

folder Commodore 64

Useful Commodore 64 software in a D64 format.

folder Blender 3D

Various Blender 3D examples and assets.

folder Graphics and Artwork

Source graphics and digital artwork files.