Pumpkin Patch

: Alone on Halloween, Jack Harper opens a psychic gateway and discovers more than trick-or-treaters on his doorstep.

Production Notes:

“The Patch” is an audio drama I wrote in 1985. I was in a college broadcasting program at the time and several of us in the class acted in dramas we wrote and produced. We were usually on a tight schedule so there were only a few readthroughs, and then we went live to 1/4″ 2-track tape, so we had to do everything in one take. Post production consisted of rolling a second 2-track reel-to-reel deck and playing music and sound effects from an analog cart machine while the dialogue tape played. I found this recently in my archive and decided to post it because I still like the story.

The Soundsketch Players in this production were: Dale Smith, Rom Bowers, and Candace Boroff. Dale still teaches at Central Wyoming College in the broadcasting program, Rom (now Rom Barkhordar) is a professional actor, and Candace is doing something interesting, I’m sure.

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