"The Binding World" is an original audio drama I wrote and produced for an audio class I took in 1989, while attending the University of Oregon. It's the story of a writer named Jack Murray who has an intense night at a library when the books come to life as he is finishing his own manuscript.

In my early 20s at the time, I took liberties to experiment with the audio medium, and I read all of the characters in the script, and incorporated original music and sound effects that I recorded. I should note that some of the music was co-performed and co-produced by Robert Harsch - thanks Robert! 8-)

"The Binding World" was originally recorded on a 4-Track 1/4" Tascam reel-to-reel, with no noise reduction (it wasn't available...). Nearly 20 years later I digitized the tape, cleaned up the hiss somewhat, and posted this MP3 version.

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